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Using Microsoft 365, a comprehensive platform meant for making the modern workspace experience seamless, we deliver end to end solutions that drive productivity, collaboration and automation .
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Modern Workspace

The way people work is changing. With Microsoft 365, navigate the challenging modern workspace situations with ease and create a safe, comfortable environment for your team to work together.
Remote Collaboration
Empower your employees to work from wherever they want to by taking your resources online in a managed environment.
Secure Access
Safeguard your business against phishing, ransomware and other advanced threats at all times using the power of cloud
Centralized Storage
Keep all of your company’s files in one place and manage sharing permissions in cloud for ease of collaboration and added security

How We Help

Stay connected with your team and collaborate with people no matter where you are. Our experts make solutions meant for the needs of the modern workspace that help your team achieve more.
Digital Workspace Consulting
Microsoft Teams
Collaborate through chat, meetings and calls with Microsoft Teams and the deeply integrated Office 365 ecosystem. Get customized solutions and extend Teams to support your commonly used Third-party external apps, processes and devices. With enterprise-level security, compliance and management capabilities, Microsoft Teams keeps your data safe from unwanted intruders. Teams is a modern hub for teamwork meant for the modern workspace.

Our team of experts can help you to plan and deploy all of the capabilities and features available for Microsoft Teams for your organization. From governance startegy, migrations to custom integrations, we can help you integrate and adapt to teams seamlessly.
Governance Strategy
Define and manage roles and responsibilities for your environment, enforce enterprise compliance policies and required restrictions to ensure right usage of the platform
Migrate your existing data to Microsoft teams from any platform of your choice and enjoy all the latest capabilities and features available in Office 365.
Custom Integrations
Using Microsoft Team’s robust development framework, we build scalable applications that can be integrated with your favourite apps, ensuring continued productivity.
Complex Approvals
With Power Automate and Adaptive Cards in Teams, getting complex approvals is easier than ever before. Manage approvals in your team with a simple click in adaptive cards.
Digital Workspace Consulting
Microsoft Secure
Protect your system against advanced threats using the power and scale of the cloud with Microsoft Secure. The Azure Advanced Threat Protection monitors behaviour of users, devices, resources and detects anomalies and malicious activities to safeguard against threats that are increasing in frequency, severity and sophistication. Handle and manage users and devices. or apply policies with this easy-to-manage solution.

We can help you to get up and running quickly with Microsoft Secure and use the advanced admin consoles for full control. Leverage the maximum security from Microsoft with Identity and Access Management, Threat Protection, Information Protection and Security Management.
Identity & Access Management
Protect user's identities & control access to valuable resources based on user risk level using services on Microsoft 365 platform like Azure AD, Conditional Access and more.
Threat Protection
Protect against advanced threats. Get convenient feed that surfaces the right issues at the right time so you can respond easily and recover quickly when attacked.
Information Protection
Ensure documents and emails are seen only by authorized people by securing organization data on both managed and personal devices.
Security Management
Secure your workloads by employing advanced security from Microsoft’s comprehensive suite of tools like Azure and Office 365 Security Center and Windows Defender.
Digital Workspace Consulting
Azure Virtual Desktop
Stay connected with your team and collaborate no matter where you are. Azure Virtual Desktop allows you to manage a network of devices from traditional PCs to mobile devices and access company resources from any device. Leverage highly secure applications whether on-premises or in cloud with Azure AD single sign-on, verify logins with Azure AD Conditional access and protect data on any device with Microsoft Intune Compliance policies.

Engage our team to get the most out of the Azure Virtual Desktop experience for your staff. You can deploy and Manage VMs, connect devices of your choice, use tools like Configuration tools or Intune, enable optimizations for Office 365 ProPlus, deliver multi-session Windows 10 and 11 experience, and much more.
Access From Anywhere
Access remote applications safely and get the best virtual desktop experience. Collaborate with your team with easy discovery of apps for your staff.
Built-in Intelligent Security
With Microsoft’s Security controls, protect access to apps. Secure managed & unmanaged devices and enable remote access to cloud & on-premises apps without VPN
Deploy and Scale in Minutes
AVD’s modern virtual desktop infrastructure allows for easy deployment and management of resources with option to scale quickly based on your needs.
Optimize Costs
With Azure Virtual Desktop you can cut costs using existing licences and its virtual desktop infrastructure allows you to pay only for what you use.

What We Offer

Modern Workspace Collaboration has a new face. And we’re helping companies upgrade and take their collaboration and security to a whole new level. Here’s what you get when you work with us.
Custom solution
We are commited to helping our clients achieve more with only the best of solutions. We make systems that are catered to your specific requirements to do exactly what you need them to do with the touch of personalisation.
team expertise
Our success lies in delivering solutions with utmost professionalism and expertise. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner with an experience of over 10 years and every technical team member being a Microsoft Certified Professional.
timely delivery
Our processes have been designed so as to be completely transparent with our clients. We follow an agile developent approach to ensure prompt and timely delivery of solutions so our clients don’t have to wait to do good in this world.

Boost your workplace productivity and collaboration with our digital workspace consulting services.

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