Cloud Readiness Assessment Program

Data Gathering

Our team of experts meet with your team to discover the current assets within your IT landscape. Based on your business requirements we analyse the assets with our tools for the different types of workloads and usage patterns.

Azure Workshop

We conduct an Azure Technical Workshop around the ever growing list of Azure Services. With the rapid change in cloud services this workshops aims to give you a 360 degree view of possibilities with Microsoft Azure.


With the help of data gathered from our first step we are able to run qualitative and quantitative analysis. This helps in mapping cloud compatibility with your existing workloads and set business priorities for the move ahead.


A comprehensive Assessment Report tailored to your environment is the final deliverable. This will help you analyze areas within your IT landscape that are ready to move and others that might require more work before migrating.

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment Program is targeted towards your business requirements. Start your journey to the cloud by contacting us.

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