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identity & access management

Prove users are authorized and secure before granting access to apps and data

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Simplify access to devices and apps

Protect access to resources using strong authentication & risk-based adaptive access

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Simplify access to devices and apps

Control access to apps and data for all users and admins efficiently

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Safeguard your credentials

Automated identity governance to ensure only authorized users have access.

Threat Protection

Protect against advanced attacks, detect and respond quickly if breached

protect Organizations

PROTECT organizations from advanced cyber attacks

Detect malicious activities

malicious activities

Respond to threats quicly

to threats quickly

information protection

Protect sensitive data throughout the lifecycle – inside and outside the organization

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information protection mobile

security management

Gain visibility and control over security tools

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Simplify enterprise compliance and view
your compliance against regulatory requirements

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Cut through false alarms, quickly identify threats and streamline threat investigation using AI and automation.

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Security for multiple platforms - Azure, Office 365 and Windows.

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