About Us

We are a small consulting IT services company. We thrive on the principles of three T’s – Trust, Transparency and Teamwork.

Trust – We give our biggest emphasis on Trust that lays under our surface of every engagement we delve in. Internally we tend to ensure that any advice being given to you has been validated with all the risks and can be trusted by you with all aspects. This trusted advice can come in the form of technical skill or strategic decision on how to move forward in a project. We can also help you in making informed decisions on which paths to choose and how to get there from our experience with multiple industry verticals like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Music, Government and Nuclear.

Transparency – We tell you everything as it is – the good, the bad and the ugly. Communicating with full transparency is what helps us gain trust with so many clients we have already worked with. We also believe in enabling you to do your business better. Transparent nature is not just inherent in our projects that we do but with our knowledge base as well. We are always passionate about learning and sharing our knowledge.

Teamwork – Nothing gets done without teamwork. We work together with you to bring you the best of skills and experts who are passionate in their domain of expertise. We also have access to many partners with whom we deploy cost effective, flexible and scalable solutions for your business. Whether you are small or big – we work with you with the same integrity and hard work as we do with all of our clients. Our team have deployed solutions for organizations as small as 350 users and as large as 15,000 users.

Our experts have delivered projects for many industry verticals including Healthcare, Manufacturing, State Government Agencies, Music and Nuclear. We provide services to our client across the globe and specialize in SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure workloads.

Based out of Mohali, India (Chandigarh Area) we work with the best talent available throughout the World.