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When Jasjit started to find a name for the company in 2013 it was very confusing. He had to pick something, that should, in future, represent our way of working together and something that brought true meaning to its representation.

While growing up in a small town called "Agra" famous for Taj Mahal with a computer at his disposal in his 7th grade, his father got him an 80286 assembled PC with 256Kb ram and 40MB hard drive (Imagine the phone we have these days in our pockets are 1000 times more powerful than his first PC). He had already been a bit of a geek in his life attracted towards computer and biology the most until his 7th grade. One of his favorite TV series growing up was "Star Trek".

Star Trek featured a starship called "USS Enterprise" (for the Star Trek fans we don't have to explain this, but this is for everyone else) and its five-year mission was "to go boldly where no man has gone before". When he watched the episodes, he loved the fact how people on this amazing starship would come together using the latest and greatest technological advancements and help so many other inhabitants of our humungous galaxy.

In one of the episodes (109th Episode of The Next Generation series) the USS Enterprise embarks upon a mission to save a dying planet called Penthara IV which was hit by an asteroid. The company name comes from this planets name and the teamwork, dedication, empathy of other life forms, etc all depict our core values from the Star Trek fleet. Our shortened logo is P* (asterisk) where the asterisk denotes that star after which he named the company.

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