Security and Compliance

Klingon to Compliance: Security Services That Never Surrender
Navigate security and compliance in hybrid work scenarios
The rise of hybrid work and advanced cyber threats makes securing and fortifying a business crucial. At Penthara Technologies, we understand the urgency.
Our Security and Resiliency Services seamlessly integrate cyber security and compliance, ensuring your business stays secure and compliant amid the evolving cyber landscape.
Challenges We Solve
Overcoming security and compliance challenges
Protecting today’s data is like navigating a constantly changing world —think of it as a puzzle that keeps reshaping itself. Not managing them properly can lead to significant breaches which results in legal consequences, damaged reputation, and a decline in customer trust, affecting day-to-day business relationships & operations.
Organizations, failing to comply with data protection regulations can result in hefty fines, legal consequences, and jeopardize the organization’s stability & reputation.
One successful cyber-attack can disrupt Day-to-day activities that are severely impacted, leading to productivity losses, customer dissatisfaction, & potential long-term damage to the organization's competitiveness.
A small error by an employee or malicious activities from within the organization pose a constant threat to data security. Managing and mitigating these risks is crucial for maintaining a secure day-to-day work environment.
Our Services
Create a secure and compliant digital world.
Empower with tailored security and compliance solutions for a fortress-like defense, seamlessly aligned with regulations. Explore our suite for security and compliance services.
Security & Compliance Assessment

For businesses wanting a health check for their digital safety. Our assessment pinpoints vulnerabilities, ensuring your security and compliance strategies are airtight.

  • Microsoft 365 Secure score
  • Threat Protection (M365 E5 security)
  • Discover Sensitive Data
  • Securing Identities
  • Manage & Investigate Risk
  • Microsoft Purview
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Cloud Endpoint Management

Simplify cloud control. Manage and secure your endpoints effortlessly in the cloud, providing a streamlined and secure environment for your digital operations.

  • Enterprise Mobility + Security
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft Defender
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Secure Remote Work

Tailored for teams on the move. Stay productive and secure with our solutions, empowering your remote workforce to
thrive without compromising on data safety.

  • Windows 365 cloud pcs
  • Windows Virtual desktop
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)
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Identity & Access

Personalized access control.
Manage who goes where in your digital realm, fortifying your defenses by securing the gateways to your sensitive data.

  • Microsoft Identity secure score
  • Microsoft Entra
  • Microsoft Entra Permissions Management
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Zero Trust

Our Zero Trust approach ensures every user and device earns access, enhancing security by treating every interaction as a potential risk.

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Threat & Information Protection

Shield your digital assets. We stand guard against cyber threats, offering robust protection to keep your information safe from unauthorized access or malicious activities.

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Microsoft 365 Secure Score

Optimize your Microsoft 365 experience. We ensure your digital workspace achieves its security potential, enhancing your overall secure performance score for peace of mind.

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Key Deliverables
Security Health Assessment
Evaluate your current security setup with us - identify gaps, eliminate redundancies, and optimize costs.
Streamline your security tools, enhance efficiency, and incorporate cutting-edge solutions for future readiness.
Revamp Your Security Framework
Accelerate your digital transformation with our comprehensive solutions covering people, skills, research, platforms, and security, ensuring a swift and impactful approach to innovation. Craft a custom strategy securing your business for today and tomorrow.
Refine Your Security Approach
Tailor your security operations whether it's one-time services like penetration testing or ongoing management, our professional & managed security services are designed to meet your specific needs.
Benefits of choosing Penthara’s Security and Compliance
Reputation and References
Renowned for reliability, we are your go-to Microsoft Solutions Partners. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our approach and the satisfaction of those who have experienced our services firsthand.
Expertise and Track Record
With over a decade of experience,
we bring proven expertise to the table. Our track record showcases successful implementations of Security & Compliance
services across diverse industries.
Regulatory Knowledge
Navigating the complex landscape of industry regulations is second nature to your partner. Our in-depth understanding of compliance requirements ensures your business is on solid legal ground.
Comprehensive Services
Choose a partner that goes beyond the basics. We offer a comprehensive suite of security and compliance services, ensuring a one-stop solution for all your organizational needs.
Industries We Serve
  • Healthcare
    Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
    Real Estate
  • Banking & Finance
Oil & Gas
Real Estate
Banking & Finance
Why choose Penthara’s security and compliance services?
As a trusted partner, we specialize in simplifying the complex landscape of security and compliance for companies like yours. Proudly associated with Microsoft Solutions Partner, our services ensure a straightforward journey towards enhanced security, regulatory adherence, and robust
data protection.
No confusing terminology—just tailored expertise and solutions for cost-effective, reliable, and scalable security and compliance implementations.
Secure Your Starship with Penthara’s Security & Compliance Services
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