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Transform teamwork through streamlined collaboration
SharePoint is your digital command centre for collaboration and streamlined information flow. SharePoint is a platform that transforms teamwork, streamlines processes, and elevates communication to new heights.
Your modern digital workspace seamlessly connects with Microsoft 365 applications, creating a unified ecosystem. Tailor sites and pages to match your unique needs, fostering a customized and efficient digital workplace.
Challenges We Solve
Managing multiple versions of documents causes confusion and potential errors.
Unstructured data and disparate information sources lead to difficulty in finding relevant documents.
Ensuring document security and access control isa concern, especially with sensitive information.
Ensuring regulatory compliance and governance with document management is a complex task.
Difficulty integrating diverse applications and data sources for a unified digital experience.
Our Services
Supercharge productivity with Penthara’s expert SharePoint solutions
Discover how our SharePoint solutions enhance collaboration, streamline document management, and boost productivity.
SharePoint Consulting
Embark on a transformative journey with SharePoint Online. Our consultants provide targeted training to ensure seamless adoption and unlock SharePoint's true potential for enhanced productivity.
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SharePoint Development
Experience innovation and collaboration with our custom SharePoint development services. We integrate SPFx capabilities to create seamless digital solutions that evolve with your business, from initial launch to ongoing support.
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SharePoint Migration
Migrate your data swiftly and securely with our SharePoint migration service. Our dedicated team crafts seamless migration strategies to transition your workflows to the robust SharePoint platform, backed by our wealth of project experience.
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SharePoint Support
Maximize your SharePoint investment with our dedicated support team. Certified engineers tackle challenges, optimize queries, and ensure your SharePoint environment operates at its best.
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SharePoint Managed Services
Optimize, fortify, and position your SharePoint environment for success with our managed services. We ensure compliance, data protection, and robust policies, empowering your organization for sustained digital excellence.
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SharePoint Customizations
Shape your digital workplace with custom solutions tailored to your vision. Our customizations exceed organizational needs while adhering to best practices and highest security standards, offering specialized solutions for webparts and SPFx customizations.
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SharePoint Integration
Enhance productivity with seamless integrations across platforms. Our integration solutions, including Salesforce, Service Now, and MS SQL, prioritize security, data integrity, and process resilience, elevating your business processes to the next level.
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Key Deliverables
Efficient Document Management
We implement robust document management systems, ensuring documents are easily created, shared, and collaboratively edited within SharePoint. Version control and access management enhance the efficiency of your document workflows.
Secure and Compliant Environment
As a Microsoft Technology Solutions Partner, we assure our delivered solutions incorporate robust security features, ensuring data integrity, access control, and compliance with industry and regulatory standards.
Integration with Third-Party Tools
Achieve a connected digital ecosystem by seamlessly integrating SharePoint with third-party tools and applications relevant to your business processes, ensuring a cohesive and efficient workflow.
Customized Reporting and Analytics
Unlock actionable insights with our customized reporting and analytics solutions within SharePoint. Gain visibility into usage patterns, document access, and collaboration trends for informed decision-making.
Benefits of choosing Penthara’s SharePoint Services
Custom Collaboration Solutions
We excel in crafting customized SharePoint solutions, enhancing collaboration across your organization with tailored intranet portals, collaborative workspaces, and document management systems.
Responsive Technical Support
Rely on us for dedicated certified technical support, ensuring prompt issue resolution, continuous improvement, and a smooth experience with yourSharePoint solutions.
Custom User-Centric Interfaces
Our commitment to user-centric design ensures that SharePoint interfaces are not only intuitive but also tailored to the unique needs of your teams, promoting user adoption and satisfaction.
Secure and Compliant Solutions
Security is paramount. Our SharePoint solutions incorporate robust security features, ensuring data integrity, access control, and compliance with industry and regulatory standards.
Industries We Serve
  • Healthcare
    Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
    Real Estate
  • Banking & Finance
Oil & Gas
Real Estate
Banking & Finance
Why choose Penthara’s Microsoft SharePoint services?
We go beyond conventional solutions, crafting a unique SharePoint experience tailored exclusively for your organization's success. We bring to the table a commitment to user-centric interfaces, innovative features, and a proven track record of successful implementations.Don’t hesitate to ask us for our customer references, we will be more than happy to provide you references to our Happy Customers.
Our focus is not just on providing a platform but on catalysing a cultural shift within your organization – one that promotes innovation, streamlined workflows, and effective team collaboration.
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