Microsoft 365 Copilot Services

Engage productivity shields: Microsoft 365 Copilot At Maximum Warp!
What if you could do more in less amount of time? FOR REAL!
Imagine being able to create an interactive presentation based on a Word file, a to-do list based on your last client meeting, an email congratulating your team, interactive marketing ideas for your new product launches, or compare columns of data and many more, just by using natural language and a click.
Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, not anymore.
Meet Microsoft 365 Copilot, the AI-powered collaborative tool.
That can automate and enhance your work across Microsoft 365 applications – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams, Outlook and more.
Microsoft 365 Copilot is not just a tool, it’s a revolution in the way we work. It leverages the power of generative AI to help you work smarter, faster, and better in the cloud.

Microsoft 365 Copilot enablement and implementation service is a new offering from Penthara Technologies, a leading Microsoft consultancy company. We help you implement and use Microsoft 365 Copilot to boost your productivity, creativity, and collaboration in the cloud.

Ready to learn more about Microsoft 365 Copilot service and how it can help you work smarter, faster, and better in the cloud? Let’s dive in.
Prepare for the future of work with your personalized assistance – Microsoft 365 Copilot.
Embrace a game-changing experience of collaboration, automation, and scalability with our suite of Microsoft 365 modern workplace services allows your team to work more efficiently than ever before.
By 2024, Microsoft 365 Copilot will be used by 6.9 million US knowledge workers.
Forrester Report
60-70 percent of employees’ time could be saved by automating tasks using generative AI.
Microsoft Survey
Work automation can boost economic growth by 3.3% points annually.
PwC Study
Empower Your Work in the Cloud
Meeting Efficiency
Enhanced Prompts
M365 Integration
AI-Powered Chat
Data Insights
Copilot Lab
Manange Tasks
Transform Productivity
Genrerate Content
Create Consistency
Document Creation
Effortlessly generate professional documents in Word, PowerPoint, or OneNote. Simply describe your needs, and Copilot will produce contracts, reports, proposals, and more. Need feedback or enhancements? Copilot has got you covered.
Data Analysis
Extract valuable insights from your data using Excel, Power BI, or SharePoint. Ask Copilot questions or request analyses, and it will present charts, graphs, tables, and dashboards. Gain clarity on trends, patterns, and insights effortlessly.
Email Management
Enhance email productivity in Outlook or Teams. Copilot summarizes threads, drafts responses, and prioritizes messages for you. Create templates, signatures, or auto-replies for seamless, customer-centric interactions.
Meeting Management
Optimize meeting efficiency in Microsoft Teams. Schedule meetings, share agendas, and generate real-time minutes with Copilot. Utilize Copilot for notes, reminders, and follow-ups to keep your team focused.
Project Management
Streamline project execution with tools like Microsoft Planner and Teams. Create plans, assign tasks, and update stakeholders seamlessly. Manage timelines, budgets, and resources with ease.
Training and Development
Personalize training materials and learning modules tailored to employee needs. Utilize Copilot to design quizzes, assessments, and feedback forms for skill enhancement and performance improvement.
Customer Relationship Management
Leverage CRM integration to enhance customer interactions. Copilot provides insights, suggestions, and recommendations for improved satisfaction and loyalty. Create customer profiles, segments, and campaigns effortlessly.
Content Creation
Craft engaging content across various channels. Generate ideas, design suggestions, and content edits for presentations, marketing materials, social media posts, and more with Copilot.
Uncovering Microsoft Copilot Implementation Challenges
Microsoft 365 Copilot uses your existing permissions and policies to deliver the most relevant information. Without proper preparation, Copilot might inadvertently expose sensitive information during routine tasks like collaborative document editing or team meetings. It leaves your business vulnerable to data breaches and compromises your trustworthiness with clients and partners. So, it’s important to dive deep into permissions and exposures across your Microsoft 365 tenancy.
Otherwise, you may find yourself explaining to your boss why your secret love for cat memes is now the talk of the next board meeting.
Without a clear understanding of Copilot's capabilities and challenges, you may struggle to identify and prioritize goals effectively. This can lead to misalignment, missed opportunities, and underutilization of Copilot's potential to drive business value.
In other words, you may end up wasting your time and money on a fancy chatbot that does not do what you want it to do.
Ensuring robust security measures, compliance with regulatory requirements, and protection of sensitive information is essential to mitigate risks such as data breaches, regulatory penalties, and loss of trust. Failure to address these concerns can undermine the success and adoption of Copilot within the organization.
Or worse, you may end up in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.
Benefits of choosing Penthara’s Security and Compliance
Increased Productivity
Accomplish more in less time with streamlined workflows and automated processes, boosting overall productivity.
Strategic Decision-Making at Your Fingertips
Anticipate market trends and customer preferences with Copilot's predictive capabilities, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.
Cost Savings Made Simple
Focus on high-impact activities, maximizing resource utilization and driving significant savings across the board.
Increased ROI
With increased productivity, strategic decision-making, and cost savings, enjoy a higher return on your investment.
Key Deliverables
Copilot Strategy
We begin with a comprehensive strategy tailored to your organization's unique needs. We collaborate closely with your team to develop a roadmap for Copilot adoption, aligning it with your business objectives and ensuring maximum return on investment.
Copilot Governance and Security
Our experts help you establish robust governance frameworks and security measures to protect sensitive data, enforce access controls, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. With Copilot, your organization can confidently embrace the cloud while safeguarding your most valuable assets.
Copilot Implementation Readiness
Our consultants conduct a thorough assessment of your existing infrastructure, processes, and personnel readiness to identify any gaps and ensure a smooth transition to Copilot. We provide comprehensive training and support to empower your team and maximize adoption.
Extensibility - Build and Deploy Custom Extensions for Copilot
Unlock the full potential of Microsoft 365 Copilot with custom extensions tailored to your organization's specific needs. Our experienced developers work closely with you to design, build, and deploy custom solutions that enhance Copilot's functionality, streamline workflows, and drive innovation across your organization.
Our Services
Navigate comprehensive suite of
Microsoft 365 Copilot solutions.
Microsoft 365 Copilot

Microsoft 365 Copilot is all about maximizing productivity and collaboration within Microsoft's suite of tools. And with our expert guidance, you'll be navigating these tools like a seasoned pro in no time.

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Power Platform Copilot

Write cleaner code and accelerate app development with code suggestions, snippets, and automating tasks for Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI.

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Microsoft Security Copilot

Get personalized assistance in writing security-related documentation, policies, and guidelines.

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Bing Chat Enterprise

Copilot collaborates during chats, offering information, answering questions, and generating creative content.

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Windows Copilot

Assistance in writing Windows-related documentation and troubleshooting guides, or scripting tasks related to Windows administration.

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Microsoft Copilot For Teams

Draft meeting agendas, structured messages, and code snippets for Teams app development.

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Microsoft Copilot For Azure

Assistance with writing ARM templates, PowerShell scripts, and managing Azure resources.

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Microsoft Copilot For Viva

Develop training content, Informative articles for Viva topics.

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Microsoft Copilot For Excel, Outlook, Words, PPT

Assistance with complex formulas, pivot tables, writing emails, and set reminders in Outlook and generate reports.

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Microsoft Copilot Pricing Details
Copilot for M365
per user
Annual commitment
Copilot Studio
per user
25,000 messages/month
Copilot for Security
per user
Est. price per month - $2,920
Why Penthara Microsoft 365 Copilot consultancy?
At Penthara Microsoft 365 Copilot Consultancy, we specialize in guiding organizations through transformative journeys with Microsoft 365 Copilot. Leveraging our expertise, tailored solutions, and data-driven insights, we ensure seamless alignment with organizational goals and culture. From strategic planning to ongoing support, we provide end-to-end assistance to maximize the benefits of Microsoft 365 Copilot, driving innovation and productivity across your organization.
Set your course for productivity excellence with Microsoft Copilot!
The future awaits. Reach out to us for stellar solutions.