Be Good. Do Good.

As professionals in technology, we understand the impact it can have on creating a better future for everyone. At Penthara, we act on the opportunity and the collective responsibility to benefit lives and inspire others to do good.

Our Commitment

As an organization we don’t just impact our customers, but also the communities we operate in. Our efforts are directed towards creating better societies by encouraging equity, inclusivity and accessibility.
Bridge The Skill Gap
We organize and support events that help bridge the employment skill gap for students and help them achieve more.
Women in Tech
Essential contributions in tech have come from women & we aim to empower and foster more of their participation in the industry.
Build A Community
A community that thrives by giving back, bringing people together to learn from each other and help each other grow.

Social Impact

Everyone has needs but not everyone's needs are met. At Penthara, we regularly carry out social impact activities to help those in need.
Upcoming Activities
Explore what cause we are standing for next and learn how you can do your part by contributing to our social impact activites.
Past Activities
Reading about the positive impact we've had on people's lives always warms our hearts up. We hope it warms yours too.
Helping Old Clothes Find New Owners this Winter: A Social Initiative by Penthara

Penthara Technologies has successfully completed a cloth donation drive - Mission Do Garmi, with the help of volunteers and donators. This blog showcases our contribution to helping a few slums survive this winter in a better way.

Positivity That Ripples

Throughout the year, we support and organize multiple events that provide access to knowledge from community experts for free.
Social Impact