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Is Documentation Enough to clear AZ-104 Exam?

This blog covers some important information that is to be kept in mind before giving the AZ-104 exam. Also, it majorly briefs whether the Microsoft documentation is enough to clear the exam or not.

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The Importance of Happiness at work

Introduction Are you still living in the era where you think that solely paying incentives and bonuses will keep your employees happy at work? If yes, read this post further to understand the importance of happiness and what drives individuals beyond financial gains to keep them happy. Employee happiness creates a positive atmosphere and this […]

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What I learnt in my first month as a Self-Taught Graphic Design Intern

Though the journey of a self-taught graphic designer is very unconventional, you will be surprised by just how many of them are out there. Encouraged by this and the spare time I had on my hands due to the pandemic, I started learning things that I was interested in. That is how my graphic design […]

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Everyday life at Penthara Technologies

Learn about the everyday life at Penthara Technologies and get a first hand look inside our working culture.

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