Cheers to 2024: A Heartfelt Thank You Note from Penthara’s Heart 

Explore Penthara's dynamic 2023—new spaces, anniversaries, and shared moments. Join our heartfelt gratitude, celebratory culture, and exciting plans for 2024. Experience the essence of our unique journey and the promise of more awesomeness ahead!

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Helping Old Clothes Find New Owners this Winter: A Social Initiative by Penthara

Penthara Technologies has successfully completed a cloth donation drive - Mission Do Garmi, with the help of volunteers and donators. This blog showcases our contribution to helping a few slums survive this winter in a better way.

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10 Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Employee’s Birthday

Appreciation of an employee with an office birthday celebration is always a great idea. Here are some great tips for an awesome and inexpensive office birthday celebration.

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The Importance of Happiness at work

Did you know that happiness at work is not just a nice-to-have, but a must-have? Happiness at work is not only about how much money you make, but also about how much meaning, purpose, and satisfaction you find in what you do. And it has huge benefits for both employees and employers, as well as for the wider society. In this blog, you will learn why happiness at work is essential for your well-being, productivity, and creativity, and what factors affect it beyond financial rewards.

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Everyday life at Penthara Technologies

Learn about the everyday life at Penthara Technologies and get a first hand look inside our working culture.

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