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9 Essential Insights from the Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2023

The article outlines 9 key insights from the 2023 Microsoft Digital Defense Report, including topics such as basic security practices, ransomware trends, password attacks, BEC incidents, nation-state targeting, IoT/OT vulnerabilities, AI-powered cyberattacks, and supply chain risks.
  1. 99% of attacks can be prevented by basic security hygiene:
Implementing fundamental security practices such as enabling MFA, applying Zero Trust principles, using XDR and antimalware, keeping systems up to date, and protecting data can prevent most cyberattacks.
Basic security hygiene still protects against 99 of attacks_Microsoft Digital Defence Report 2023
  1. Human-operated ransomware attacks increasing:
Ransomware attacks have tripled since September 2022, and are often carried out by human operators who exploit remote access vulnerabilities.
Human operated ransomware attacks increasing_Microsoft Digital Defence Report 2023
  1. Password attacks are soaring:
Password spray and brute force attacks have increased by 300% and 250% respectively in 2023, as attackers take advantage of remote work and cloud services. Password less authentication and identity protection are essential to stop these attacks.
Password attacks dramatically rise Microsoft Degetal Defence Report 2023
  1. Business Email Compromise (BEC) reaches a new peak:
BEC phishing targets specific people in an organization, often pretending to be executives or trusted partners, and tries to trick them into sending money or information. BEC attacks have increased by 250% in 2023, and the average loss per incident was over $75,000. BEC attacks have increased by 250% in 2023, and the average loss per incident was over $75,000.
Business Email Compromise BEC at an all time high Microsoft Digital Defence Report 2023
  1. Nation-state actors target a wider range of sectors and organizations:
Nation-state actors are not only attacking governments and critical infrastructure, but also healthcare, education, media, and NGOs. Microsoft tracked 16 nation-state groups in 2023 and saw over 35,000 attacks from these groups.
Nation state threat actors global target set expands Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2023
  1. Nation-state actors combine cyberattacks and influence operations:
Some nation-state actors are using both cyberattacks and influence operations to achieve their goals, such as interfering with elections, spreading false information, or undermining trust in institutions. Microsoft detected and disrupted several such campaigns in 2023, and shared threat intelligence with customers and partners.
  1. IoT/OT devices increasingly at risk:
Internet of Things (IoT) and Operational Technology (OT) devices are becoming more prevalent and connected, but also more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Microsoft observed a 35% increase in IoT/OT attacks in 2023 and identified several new malware families targeting these devices.
IoT devices increasingly at risk Microsoft Digital Defence Report 2023
  1. AI-powered cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated:
AI is transforming cybersecurity, but also enabling advanced forms of cyberattacks. Microsoft found several examples of AI-powered attacks in 2023, such as deepfake audio and video, generative adversarial networks, and machine learning poisoning.
AI and large language models (LLMs) will transform cybersecurity_Microsoft Digital Defence Report 2023
  1.  Supply chain attacks pose a systemic risk:
Supply chain attacks are those that compromise a trusted third-party vendor or service provider and use their access or products to target their customers or partners. Microsoft witnessed several high-profile supply chain attacks in 2023, such as SolarWinds, Kaseya, and Codecov, which affected thousands of organizations worldwide.
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Written By
Priya Gupta
Priya Gupta 
Digital Marketing Associate 
peer reviewed By
JAsjit Chopra
chief executive officer
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