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Penthara Org Chart for your Microsoft Teams – an alternative to inbuilt Microsoft Org Chart

In this blog, you'll explore the extended version of Microsoft Org Chart - Penthara Org Chart for MS Teams. Discover its capabilities, such as seamless integration with SharePoint user profiles and Azure AD, advanced search functionality, and customizable user cards. Enhance collaboration with clear hierarchy views and enjoy simple installation. Dive in below to explore more!

Idea Behind Penthara Org Chart

One day, while our Microsoft 365 Devs were immersed in a client project, the client expressed a wish: "I wish I could see what projects my colleagues are working on and their availability with just a few clicks."

This wish caught the attention of our Microsoft 365 Devs. They realized how beneficial it would be to create an Org Chart that administrators could customize according to their business preferences.

This sparked a brainstorming session within our team, and we came up with exciting and helpful features for the new Org Chart, which you'll explore below.

And thus, the idea to enhance the capabilities of the existing Microsoft Org Chart for Microsoft Teams users was born, named – Penthara Org Chart.

Features of Penthara Org Chart

Penthara Org Chart provides the following features:

  • SharePoint User Profile Integration
  • Extended Azure AD (Entra ID) Attributes
  • Advanced Search
  • Global Time Zone
  • Customizable User's Card
  • Seamless Integration & User Experience to MS Teams

Let's explore each feature and its benefits in detail.

SharePoint User Profile Integration

Yes, seamless SharePoint User Profile integration with your Org Chart.

While Microsoft Org Chart only allows basic Azure AD (Entra ID) user properties, Penthara Org Chart seamlessly integrates both Azure AD (Entra ID) user properties and SharePoint user profile data.

Whether you're using SharePoint, Azure AD (Entra ID), or both in your organization, showcasing your data from both systems is a breeze. With SharePoint user profile properties, you can add users' skills, projects, education, interests, and more to the user card.

This additional data helps your team members learn more about each other and connect easily. For instance, users/employees in the marketing department can easily identify which Project manager is leading the ‘XYZ’ project.

Extended Azure AD (Entra ID) Attributes

You can utilize up to 15 extended attributes from Azure AD, in addition to the pre-defined Azure properties found in Microsoft Org Chart.

These extended attributes allow you to add more user data to your Org Chart based on your business preferences. These attributes are highly customizable and can be used to showcase any user profile property as per your specific scenarios.

Extended attributes provide your users with a better understanding of the organization's structure and their colleagues’ roles and responsibilities.

Customizable User's Card

Admins have the flexibility to rename the three main column titles and properties in Penthara Org Chart, as well as rearrange the properties in any order.

For example, the standard columns are About Me, Project, and Skills, but you can easily rename them to User Info, Responsibilities, and Education.

The property labels can be renamed and rearranged as well, allowing you to create a user-centric experience that suits your organization's requirements.

That’s not it. Your users can also easily add projects and skills that they work on in their SharePoint user profile.

Ready to try Penthara Org Chart? Click here, it's free.

Advanced Search

Users can easily search using different attributes like project names, education, hobbies, expertise, date of joining, and more.

This precise search functionality makes it easier to discover colleagues with shared interests or skills, fostering spontaneous connections and collaborations.

“I personally love this precise search. The reason is I can easily find people in my organization whose hobby is to explore new places or travel and ask them to join and have fun together sometimes. Isn’t it interesting? – Priya Gupta, Digital Marketing Associate”

Let us know in the comment section which attributes would you like to see in your Org Chart?

Global Time Zone

If your business spans different time zones, the Global Time Zone feature in Penthara Org Chart is invaluable.

It provides a clear view of the time differences with other users, indicating how many hours ahead or behind they are. This feature brings more clarity and understanding of different time zones and geographical locations your colleagues are operating from.

Seamless Integration & User Experience to MS Teams

Penthara Org Chart is built on Fluent UI version 9, a Microsoft UX framework, to fit right into your Microsoft Teams setup.

When you install and use the Org Chart, it feels like it belongs in Teams – same colors, same style, offering a cohesive and intuitive user interface.

Whether you're new to it or a pro, it's easy to get the hang of it. This seamless integration means less time figuring things out and more time getting work done.

With its simple design and easy integration, Penthara Org Chart helps your teams understand your organization's structure and work together smoothly in Microsoft Teams.

Teams Screen

Benefits of Penthara Org Chart

An organizational chart is a vital tool for getting a clear representation of your organization’s hierarchy. Here are the primary benefits:

  • Displaying Organizational Structure: Penthara Org Chart provides a clear visualization of the organization's hierarchy, making it easy to understand roles and responsibilities.
  • Extensible Search: Find employees easily using extended user profile properties from SharePoint or Azure AD/Entra ID.
  • Understanding Work Contribution: Users can easily add projects and skills that they work on in their SharePoint user profile which helps in more visibility or collaboration related to their skills and projects.
  • Find Skilled employees: Users can easily find each other using advanced search and filtering skills already populated in SharePoint User Profile properties.
  • Helping new joiners: It helps new joiners by providing them with a clear understanding of the company's structure, facilitating faster integration into the team.

In addition to these benefits, here are some key advantages specific to Penthara Org Chart. These advantages can help businesses using Microsoft Teams easily understand the importance of having an extensive Microsoft Org Chart.

SharePoint User Profile Data Integration to your Organization Chart

If your organization stores user data in SharePoint, seamless integration with your Org Chart is possible.

Beyond default properties, adding extra details to your Org Chart from SharePoint is straightforward. Your developers can assist in implementing backend modifications and SharePoint API calls.

Leverage SharePoint User Profile data to include valuable information such as personal bios, skills, projects, education, interests, and more.

Advanced Customization and Search

Administrators can easily adjust their Org Chart information to fit their preferences. They can change column names, properties, and rearrange them with simple drag-and-drop actions.

For example, administrators can prioritize their projects or change the order of displayed information, like putting email addresses before expertise, providing consistent user experience across the organization for all users.

Furthermore, with plenty of details available from SharePoint and Azure AD, users can quickly find specific people within the organization using different criteria.

Installing Penthara Org Chart

You can find Penthara Org Chart on the Microsoft AppSource, where you can easily install it for immediate use within your Microsoft Teams environment.

Also, please note Penthara org chart for SharePoint cannot be used in SharePoint. This app is a supporting app for Penthara org chart for Microsoft teams. Please proceed to install the Teams app from Teams app store to enjoy full functionality.

How to Install Penthara Org Chart:

To install Penthara Org Chart follow the instructions -


SharePoint Service Admin Permissions on Microsoft 365 Tenant.

Grant API Permissions via SharePoint Admin Center.

Installation Instructions for Penthara Org Chart for SharePoint:

Navigate to Microsoft AppSource.

Search for “Penthara”.

You will see two results:

Select "Penthara Org Chart for SharePoint" from the results.

Click on “Get it now”. It will take you to SharePoint store.

Click "Add to app catalog" and approve access.

Go to the API access page and approve permissions.

Return to SharePoint App Catalog and check for successful installation.

Installation Instructions for Penthara Org Chart for Microsoft Teams:

Again, Navigate to Microsoft AppSource.

Select "Penthara Org Chart for Teams" from the results.

Click on “Get it now”. It will take you to Teams Store.

Click on “Add”.

The app will be added to Microsoft Teams.

If you have any questions or need further assistance with the installation process, feel free to ask!

User Guide:

For detailed instructions on how to maximize the benefits of Penthara Org Chart, we've prepared comprehensive Guides. The guide provides step-by-step instructions on setting up and using Penthara Org Chart effectively within your organization.

User Guide: Discover how to configure Penthara Org Chart for your organization, manage user permissions, and troubleshoot common issues.

Written By
Priya Gupta
Priya Gupta
peer reviewed By
Jasjit Chopra
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