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The Ultimate Guide for securing Microsoft 365 Business Email

This blog discusses how cyberattacks originated from business emails can be minimized and prevented. Alongside, a bonus guide is also mentioned that has a full in-depth analysis and instructions that are mentioned for advance business email security in M365 that is completely free to download.


Still, worried about the security of your email system since your workers are working from home (WFH)? We are here to assist you in securing your mail system in the context of the new normal, which is WFH in the modern day.

Today, email is the most common method of cyber attack. The email platforms used by businesses and people to send sensitive data, files, and documents are vulnerable. The researchers discovered that email addresses used to spread malware in 94 percent of the cases were reported from business emails. The trend has seen an increase for the past two years, and it continues to rise according to Verizon’s DBIR 2022.

Tips on Securing Microsoft 365 Business email

Train Your Users

The past occurrences make it evident that end users' outlook business emails are the most targeted sources of attacks for the single reason that they are simple targets, making it easy to breach the corporate network. Thus, it is crucial that we educate our users on the different kinds of email threats. Along with this advice, Microsoft advises your users to follow the instructions in this article to enhance your organization's cybersecurity:

  • To use caution while dealing with sensitive information.
  • To be aware of scams.
  • To put two-factor authentication to use.
  • To safeguard your password

Bonus Guide for Advance Security in Microsoft 365 Business Email

You can employ elevated rights with the administrative accounts, you use to manage your Microsoft 365 environment for outlook business email. Cybercriminals and hackers will find these to be lucrative targets. Admin accounts should only be used for management. Admins should only use their administrative account to carry out tasks related to their job function and should have a separate user account for every day, non-administrative use.

These steps would be sufficient for your basic security management in M365 business email and will be able to cope with business email compromise scams, but for advance threats, these two steps won’t be enough to maintain the security posture; hence we have curated a Free Guide, especially for advanced security for Microsoft 365 Business Emails.

Bonus Guide for Advance Security in Microsoft 365 Business Email

Written By
Akkhil Ohri, M365 Architect at Penthara Technologies
Akkhil Kumar
M365 Solution Architect
peer reviewed By
JAsjit Chopra
chief executive officer
Graphics designed By
Sanika Sanaye
sanika sanaye
Creative Design Director
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